The flight review is an opportunity to evaluate your skills and understanding of the various elements of flight. The review is a one hour exploration of a range of aeronautical topics. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have been harboring. This is followed by a one hour flight instruction, examining technique and skills with an objective critique.


The most productive question asked at the start of the review is "What do you consider to be the weakest part of your flying?" The answer to that is exactly what we will work on. The student will benefit most by strengthening his or her knowledge or weaknesses. Flying is a never ending learning process; the review should leave the pilot with enhanced abilities and knowledge.


A short review of your skills, techniques and habits can make your flying safer and more enjoyable. This can be done in your aircraft or one of our aerobatic machines, opening the possibility for you to experience something you may not have thought about. Perhaps you would like to try spins or loops or hammerheads. We can fold these into your required flight review. - Why not make it fun?!?